Argentinean Exchange Ripio is recognized by the World Economic Forum

As time goes by, more and more Blockchain technology and crypto currencies are accepted by the general public. With all the companies, organizations and governments of the world, understanding that if they do not have a minimum handling of this new technology, they will not be able to remain competitive in the long term. Therefore, it is not surprising that the World Economic Forum recognized the Argentine exchange Ripio, in its list of pioneer organizations in technology of 2020.

A growing crypto world

In the last eleven years, Blockchain technology has become one of the cornerstones of the new digital world that is being built. Thanks not only to the popularity obtained from the recognition of Bitcoin as one of the main financial products in the market. But to the very capabilities that the blockchains offer.

Thus, today there is no great organization, company or government that is not dedicating increasing resources to increase its capacities in Blockchain technology. In all sectors of daily life in which the implementation of block chains has advanced. From manufacturing and agriculture, to education, finance and the military world. The security and flexibility provided by cryptography is of vital importance in the modern world.

This has led, as a consequence, to the emergence of a whole network of companies dedicated to the development of solutions based on block chains and crypto-currencies. These range from crypto currency exchanges such as Ripio, Binance, or Huobi, to companies more focused on the creation of new technological products such as Ripple.

In a short time, these companies, of small businesses concentrated in a small community like the one of the cryptomonies, will be passing by. To become true giants of the industry, invoicing billions of dollars each year, and accumulating influences and wealth all over the planet.

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The World Economic Forum awards the Ripio exchange
For this reason, it is not a surprise that an organization as advanced in technological issues as the World Economic Forum, decided to recognize the Argentinean exchange Ripio. Including the Latin American company in its list of the 100 pioneer organizations in technologies of the year 2020.

This list brings together 100 fast-growing companies Cryptosoft worldwide. These are dedicated to the development of innovative technologies, ranging from artificial intelligence, through quantum computing, to, of course, Blockchain technology.

And in this sense, Ripio would not be the only organization focused on the development of block chains included by the World Economic Forum in its list. Well, there would also be Chainlink and MakerDAO. Two of the most important organizations in the crypto world, recognized by all the members of the community.

Therefore, the recognition of the Argentine exchange with its inclusion in the list of the World Economic Forum, would show the important development that the Blockchain technology is having in Latin America. Putting Ripio at the same level as two giants of the crypto world. And making clear the importance of crypto currencies in countries like Argentina.